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So excited !! Already did pre-op and I am having...

So excited !! Already did pre-op and I am having 420cc on my left /460cc right saline bilateral subfascial augmentation and liposuction of the abdomen. Also having umbilical hernia repair. Hoping to achieve my wish boobies! I am currently a deflated 36 c/d and would like to be a DD or possibly DDD. Would love to see results on ladies who had similar procedures and had some droop like me?

Post op day 1

Arrived at 12 but surgery didn't start til 2:30. Also had Lipo in the abdomen and hernia repair. Tummy feels fine but boobs hurt!!! Not necessarily hurt but lots of pressure.. so much pressure. Appointment tomorrow at 9.. Hope to feel better

Post op day 2

A lot better today. Word of advice is to stay on top of your pain mess before the pain comes. This has helped big time. Already love how they look!!

14 days post op.. Love my girls

Still sitting high but I'm so glad I didn't do a lift
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You boobs look great already and they just will get better with time!!
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Thank you!! I already wished I would of gone bigger lol
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Congrats and good luck! I agree I think you will have great results. Keep us updated on your journey and best wishes to a speedy recovery!!!!
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Oh wow!! You are lucky to be a c cup already. So many of us on here are A cups before. I think your results are gonna look fantastic!!! Congrats!!!
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Good luck.your going to have nice cleavage !
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