Sclerotherapy, How Fast Do You See Results?

I had sclerotherapy on 04/03/09, but I can still...

I had sclerotherapy on 04/03/09, but I can still see the veins, how fast should I see results. I started seeing a small spider vein since I was 15yrs old, but didn't know that there was a solution to my spider veins till now that I am 32, that is why I barely went.

But I am getting desperate to see any results. Does anyone know approximately how long should I wait to see any change or should I try getting laser instead?

omg me too! I've had this problem since I am around 14 or 15. I was told there is a procedure where they scan your legs to see the vain or valve that is dousing the problem and then they will take out the defective vain. I herd other wise the problem would keep surfacing. I am trying to get a specialized doctor, I need this done before the summer. I am only 27 and I can't keep being this ashamed of my legs. Good luck with everything!
ughhh I know, it is very embarrassing. Well I don't recommend the sclerotherapy cause they do return. Mine are back and I do want to have that other procedure done cause I know it is not only for looks but for health. Hopefully I can find an insurance here in mexico that will cover it.
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