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Awaiting Results of Botox - San Antonio, TX

I had Botox 3 days ago on my forehead,11's and...

I had Botox 3 days ago on my forehead,11's and crows feet. So far I am awaiting the results. I can notice a very little change today. Hopeing it gets better after a week or so.

She told me I would need a filler for a few of my lines as they are very deep. If this works at all.. I want to do something with my under eye area next. It is horrible.

Yeah, Botox takes a little while to see the full effects. Isn't it strange? It seems like you would just freeze the muscle and see instant results, but that's not how it goes. Keep us posted on how things are looking as it takes effect. :)


Well, it is day the morning of day #6 and I can...

Well, it is day the morning of day #6 and I can definately see a difference .
Although the deep lines are still there (where I need some fillers...) I do not have much movement and my crows feet have definately improved as well. I see the benefits and if it keeps improving more I will be thrilled enough to do it again in 3/4 months.

I wish Botox would improve under the eye area... but I know I need surgery for that.
Have you figured out what your going to do under your eye area?? I need to find something but worried about the after effects and which procedure to go with. I need to be around people in my line of work so I can't have bruising.
Please please be very careful I had filler under my eyes and ended up with a sausage link lump under my right eye for 2 yrs which looked ridiculous finally had it injected away by a very skilled cosmetic doctor, the left eye dissolved the filler itself in 2 days so I actually looked terrible not a good look, ladies please be careful with filler!!!
I'm getting perlane injection along the very top of my cheekbones because I, too , have lines and creases under my eyes when I smile. I think filler will help your under eye area. Some Dr's will inject right into the under eye area but mine won't. Not sure why. If you do go for filler directly under eyes, go to a plastic surgeon for this as the under eye area is very delicate and you don't want lumps.
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