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Hello: I am 35 years old born in India and moved...

Hello: I am 35 years old born in India and moved to the US few years ago.I have a tan skin. I have ice pick acne scars all over my face. I was told by one of the doctors that C02 laser is not for me as it works only with very white skin.

I got my first Fraxel 1540 done few weeks ago. My doctor asked me to return after 6 weeks for the next treatment. My skin defintely looks better (redness has reduced) but so far the scars look the same. I know it will take multiple sessions for my scars to reduce.
I am little worried about hyperpignmentation. Some pls. let me know if the cost sounds reasonable to you $550/ for each session.
do you have any before, and after pictures

Thanks for sharing your story so far, please keep us updated on your progress as you undergo the rest of your treatments.  Would you consider posting some pictures?  As the community manager, I'm asked all the time to keep encouraging people to share more details, so please accept this as a well-intentioned request from thousands.

Dr. Fort

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