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At first very happy with the results. Now that I...

At first very happy with the results. Now that I am almost 1 year into the recovery, the scars are getting thicker around my ears. My face does look better although the areas around my mouth are starting to show the marionette lines again, which was originally the reason for the lift.
Having to cover up the scars everyday is not something I had been expecting. I can no longer wear my hair back because the scars are so noticeable.
Wish I would have spend the extra few thousand dollars and went to a regular plastic surgeon. Now I have to spend more money to have the scars removed.

Dr. Kagan

I chose this procedure because of the responses I saw from other people and the before and after pictures. I asked the Dr. about the scaring and he said it would be the normal face life scarring. Not true. Some of my friends have had face lifts from plastic surgeons and there isn't any visible scarring.

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Lifestyle Lifts ARE performed by board certified plastic or facial-plastic surgeons. Collectively they do thousands of facelifts per year. Each surgeon is ultimately an individual with his or her own personal touch. I advise to just be open and honest with your surgeon, and they will do all they can to help you look and feel better. Remember, a facelift is "journey", not a quick fix. Sometime you need a touch up or two. Healing is different for everyone. Talk to your surgeon. Be patient, you'll get to where you want to be.
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Scars are part of surgery. Scars are permanent, but can be made to look better. Scars are the trade off to being able to tighten your face. I'm sure you were told this. There are several treatments to improve scars, but sometimes the biology of the skin over rides those treatments, regardless of who the surgeon is. Don't be discouraged. Rather than posting your complaints, revisit your doctor and be honest with him or her. They will do what they can to help you look and feel better. You just needed more hand holding.
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Thank you for putting in the Dr's name! More people should do that.
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Thanks to all of you who have left very specific experiences following your procedures. I don't usually jump on trends, but at 57 and looking very tired lately, I've been considering parting with some very hard-earned money to make myself look and feel better. This reminds me that you get what -- and who -- you pay for, even in cosmetic medicine. If I ever do decide on any facelift procedures, it'll be after checking references and getting an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon, not an in-and-out scalpel factory.
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I am so glad I found this site! I had a face & eye lift done in 2005 by a certified plastic surgeon. By 2008 I had similar sagging, lines and wrinkled neck as before the surgery. I have been seeing those LSL ads on TV and actually was thinking "I'm going to check this out and possibly do it again. After reading the experiences of so many I have seen the light! It's time to just accept this is me...this is what my face looks like at 64. I think I'll use my money for something else. Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to post your experiences. YOU ARE Helping others to make a very important decision about their faces. Thank-you! ♥♥♥
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Wow, I am so sorry to hear about your scarring. I know how you feel. I do wish that LSL had to live up to the advertising and make good any and all the lifts that have fallen and all the scars that they have caused over the years. In the meantime, I will wait for hell to freeze over. I do wish, as you, that I had also found out that LSL does not live up to their advertising and that they are basically a marketing company reaching out to a huge market of women who do not want to grow older. There is nothing wrong with having a face-lift -- but on the other hand, it is wrong to advertise something that you are never going to get. Please, for anyone considering this surgery, take the time to get a 2nd opinion from an independent board certified plastic surgeon. Best, Chrystal Eckes.
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You are among ,I believe, thousands who have fallen for the advertisements and the lies. I have a numb face, tingling face and head. I told my Doctor that he took an oath to "DO NO HARM". LSL DOCTORS ARE NOT PLASTIC SURGEONS, THEY ARE REGULAR DOCTORS WITH A LITTLE TRAINING TO DO LSL'S.
They saw that they could make a lot more money than a regular doctor. They are really caught up in something that is ruining people's lives. I hope someone with enough bravery wil step and call for a class action law suit...I'd be the first in line, and I told my doctor that I would give my opinion to anyone who asked me, and I have. I just think, Like me, ladies are caught up in the commercials without seeking the right advice and communicating with others who have had it done. If you notice, you went in one door for the consultation , and out another when you had the surgery. No one gets to talk with the patient. They rush you out the back door when the surgery is over like cattle.Best Wishes ,

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I too was caught up in this web of lies and deception. I had the lifestyle lift done well over 9 months ago and still have severe scarring, numbness, stiffness, neck issues and pain in the neck, scars and ears. I feel like my ears were removed. I am very disappointed and this surgery hasn't made much of a difference. No one has noticed any change in my appearance and I am now on different kinds of medications trying to deal with all of this. It's been the worst mistake I've ever done in my life and would hope that anyone thinking of having this procedure done would do a lot of research prior to going under (actually, not under.) You can hear their entire conversation while they are cutting you up and talk about lousy follow-care, you sneak in through the back and sneak out the back. I guess they don't want you to scare anyone off who is getting themselves set up for this procedure. I'm totally disgusted and would hope that something could be done to stop these doctors from continuing this practice. It may have worked for some and I'm happy for them, but for those of us that it did not work for, we deserve some justice.
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