Hurt Too Much and Didn't Work - Schaumburg, IL

Tried the Velashape for my stomach and went...

Tried the Velashape for my stomach and went through 6 treatments. Didn't work. Very painful--and when she tried the thighs OMG! It felt like someone pinching you really hard.


The only thing I saw were bright red marks left behind from the VelaShape -- it was like a vacuum. I also found from someone else that it's really more for cellulite problems and not removing/reducing fat cells. Wish they would've told me that in the first place. I have no cellulite just extra fat from being overweight.
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Hi Cathy,

Thanks for the review. Wow, that does sound painful and not fun at all. You said you did not see any results? That would disappoint me a lot too. Did you ask why there were no results? Please keep us updated. 



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