Worst Procedure Ever -Schaumburg, IL

I have scars, indents, shiney looking skin with...

I have scars, indents, shiney looking skin with fat loss! If you want to look 100 times go for this!!! I regret this every day! I have been damaged for life by this laser. My skin looks like burned like I ave had much worse acne. The doctors lie and tell me it's impossible, but it happened. There is no recourse for you if this does not go well.


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Are you sure it was the Sciton Profractional that was used? $300 seems very cheap for this type of laser. Not doubting your pain or suffering...just want to clarify as I am considering this particular laser. Thank you.
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Has your skin gotten better over time ?
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Laser lift

Worst! They would even hang up on me when I would call to ask questions. Thy knew their guilt.

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