Scars That the Doctor Left.

My mom did this and she really didn't need it. She...

My mom did this and she really didn't need it. She wanted to tighten her neck and the doctor didn't even do that. It was really worthless but she felt like it would help.

During the surgery my mom said the doctor said "oops" and said it was nothing. Turns out is made a bad incision and now my mom's ears have a really bad scar and almost it's swollen looking but it's been about a year and a half since she got it done. On the "oops" ear the scar is very big and looks like it's eating her lobe.

If anyone has had this same problem or knows of a good way to get rid of these scars please email me.

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The doctor did a horrible job.

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i wondered if you could let me know what doctor did your mom's procedure. i am considering have it done this month in beverly hills
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Jerry, no matter what doctor that you go to in a LSL center, all of the lifts are basically performed the same. Kind of like an assembly line, what looks good on one will look good on another. (I would like to state this may work for cars, not people) This is your basic SMAS lower face lift that was done in the late 60's and early 70's. Most plastic surgeons dumped the lift because it only works for 10 to 12 percent of the population and does not last: ie, if you are the right age, skin type, facial structure. The scars are made before the ears on your face and go all the way behind your ears. Your ears grow longer and are skewed, brought towards your face resulting in pixie ears. Scars are suppose to blend in, but if you look at more bios, you will see that the scars do not in many cases blend in and on some women are 1/4 of an inch away from the ears. Before making a final decision due to price, why don't you get a 2nd opinion from an ABCPS and compare apples to apples. I would hate to think that decisions are based on infomercials and price alone. Best, Chrystal.
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Considering having lifestyle lift but wanted more infomation from people who had undergone this procedure before I made my decision
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Yeah. I just feel bad that my mom has to feel so self-conscious just because some jerk doctor doesn't know how to make a proper incision.
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We may not be able to get rid of the scars or the money still owed..but we should be able to get rid of these doctor crooks.. I thought politicians were bad.
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