Scarred for Life

I had upper blepharoplasty performed to deal with...

I had upper blepharoplasty performed to deal with some sagging in the upper eyelids which gave me a "tired" look.

After the procedure my eyelids are improved but the plastic surgeon cut further than the eye area onto my brow by more than a centimetre and this has left noticeable scars on my face. These are not in the creaseline or in the corner but going upwards towards my eyebrow. This is something I was not expecting and am very upset about. The skin there is much thicker than on the eyelid and the scar marks are much thicker too. I don't know what can be done to improve this but it's very depressing and the trade off was not worth it.

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mine is worst than yours. There is really not much anyone can do That is the truth .You gone to an idiiot for surgery. This happen to me when I was young. The doctor made me look really old. He made tons of cuts and stitched me up to made pleats. I have really ugly cuts. This is unfair and they get away with it. I never requested for this form of surgery where he also stitched up my eyebrows and forhead and making wrinkles. My doctor deny it claiming he never done such surgery, but if you see all the surgical scars on my face, then you know he did it. 99.9% of people will not point fingers to the wrong doctor that did that wrong. They used us for experiment and have no accoutability. It is up to all the victims to start voicing what is done to us to put these insane doctors behind bars.
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I understand that coconut oil does amazing things with scars.

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I see him again next week and will ask. I think at best it could take months. I just hope that eventually they will fade.
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What did the doctor say? Did he say that they would last?
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