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At the end of March, a cosmetic surgeon performed...

At the end of March, a cosmetic surgeon performed an excision on an old indented scar I had on the bridge of my nose. It has now been 5 months & the new scar is still red & has stretched with visible suture lines in it. It is way worse then the original scar I intended on fixing as well as a lot longer then the original scar.

This doctor obviously didnt know what he was doing, he initially had ensured me that the scar would be thin & white. I have been suffering with the results & dont know what else I can do.

I'm scared as to whether I should risk gettin it sutured up again & if the results will be any better the secod time arouund.Its right in the middle of my face! Does anyone know of a good surgeon in the LA area that can fix this???


Do you anyone that is good at scar revision in the UK???
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I'm so sorry to hear about a bad outcome.  I can't say I know who is the authority in scar repair, but here's our Los Angeles scar removal doctor directory which may give you some names to consider.  Good luck and please post updates as you work through this...

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