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DONT DO IT. I DID IT. NEVER AGAIN. Got restylane...

DONT DO IT. I DID IT. NEVER AGAIN. Got restylane in glabella area for a thin "angry line", at the best practitioner in the area apparently (does courses for the producer etc) but it looks really fake and weird now, I can see unnatural shades and my forehead is slightly bumpy and I feel like everyone can tell.

Cant believe she recommended this for the thin line I had, it's just unbelievable. Im going to see my family in just a couple of weeks, and they will be able to tell something looks wrong. Where is my wrinkle, and why is my forehead so big and lumpy?? I could never tell anyone, Im from a very anti-such things family/social group. Also, I am really against all of this stuff myself, this was on a whim in a fairly depressed phase, and i will NEVER, NEVER ever do it again. The only good thing about this is that I have actually come to miss my wrinkle, and longing to look the way I really do, the way I was meant to do. I have gained new love for myself, at least when I manage to forgive myself for doing such potentially dangerous vandalism to my own body.


l had restylane on my deep lines around my mouth done by my dentist,it hurt so much,and l was black and blue from the injections,plus l could not see any difference in my face.cost$500,a complete waste of money.
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I'm sorry to hear you weren't happy with the way your Restylane came out. It is good that you are seeing the positive, and learning that these kinds of treatments aren't for you.

Thanks for sharing your story with us, and I hope your family is kind about it.

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It looks wrong and bumpy on forehead.

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