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Ive been with my keloid for about 5 years. I saw...

Ive been with my keloid for about 5 years. I saw these people getting rid of their keloids with only a rubberband. So I decided to try this method.

My whole experience lasted 11 days. Today was the eleventh day. The first couple of days were very painful. I iced my ear and that made it better. By the 5th or 6th day it was already cold and starting to shrivel. The last 4 or 5 days were smooth sailing. I let the rubberband stay on the entire time and I never had to cut it.

Overall, this completely affordable method was totally worth it. I have a few more that I am going to remove with this method. So thanks to everyone who had the guts to talk about their experience. Because of you all, I have one less keloid!


Welcome to the community.    Please do tell me more about this rubber band technique?   

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