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I Was Shocked to Discover my Laser Genesis Was Actually an ILP Laser Treatment - Irmo, SC

I went to receive a follow up laser genesis...

I went to receive a follow up laser genesis treatment, one of 6, but what I received instead was an IPL laser treatment. Since I expected the laser genesis, I was not ready for the evasive laser treatment I received. I remember thinking this is not what they told me to expect from the laser genesis. Having said that, it hurt. alot. and the light was so bright everytime I was zapped. I think that was the worst part; the brightness I saw even though I wore goggles. I had previously had vein therepy on my face for broken capillaries and was told the follow up laser would also help. Well, after the IPL, I never really peeled and it has been 8 days. They did only charge me the cost of the laser genesis since it was their mistake. I was not given any written instructions on what to expect after the treatment, so i am not sure what, if anything, was supposed to happen. Anyway, after day eight, I still have broken capillaries.

Mimi, that's a bit scary that they made this kind of mistake. It's a fabulous reminder to everyone out there seeking anything cosmetic that it's best to go in armed with knowledge so that you can ask questions and even ask "is this the treatment I signed up for?"
I haven't had any laser genesis treatments yet. they want to redo the vein treatment, which tells me that neither the first vein treatment nor the IPL worked on reducing the broken capillaries.

I see, well please keep us posted on what you are seeing.

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