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I just had my saline breast implants removed. It...

I just had my saline breast implants removed. It was a huge mistake to get them. I was sick for 3 years. I could have died. It cost twice as much to get them out. Out of Pocket cost.

No Pros. Just don't do it.

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wow, sound like you have had a really tough time with it all - happy things are better for you now.
i just wonder why you have your profile as a 'not worth it' ? - it sound like it was really worth it having your implants removed
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Dear Poison SC,
Thank you for your post. I struggle with my small size (I am 5'10", 34B, not going to have kids so no size change in the future) but posts like yours make me realize my discomfort with the whole process due to risk.
What were your symptoms? My mom had terrible issues with hers.

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All I can tell you is don't even consider it. After I had my implants removed, my doctor called and informed me that my test results showed that I had a staph infection in my right breast. I was so sick prior to surgery! I had every symptom you have ever read about. I had breast pain, shortness of breath, it became hard to swallow. I had pain in my feet, hands, shoulders, dry eyes, dry mouth, anxiety, depression, headaches, fatigue, you name it, I had it! I was in surgery for six hours and in a lot of pain afterwards. It has been two and half months since surgery and I am probably 95% better. I love it. Breast implants are toxic! If a doctors tells you different, they are lying! I have over $40,000 in medical bills to prove it.
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was your removal not worth it? do you like your results? You marked not worth it for removal so just wondering.
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hi,my name is crissi i have had saline implants now for 7yrs i started getting sick after the first year of having them.now i have been diagnosed with lupus and sjogrens syndrome in the past year i have been so sick some days i didnt know how i was going to make it to the next day. In the back of my head i always thought it was my implants that had made me sick,so yesterday i called my dr. that put the implants in and talked to the lady that sets up the appointments, i asked her if any of the lady's were getting sick " she replied yes many of them are getting autoimmune diseases" Like it was no big deal i spent the rest of the day crying. in the past i was so full of life, always on the go. Now i cant even drive myself around to go shopping because i will be to tired to drive myself back. not sure if this site will show your email address but if anyone out there would like to talk to me my email is {Edited to remove email address to protect you from spambots. Please use RealSelfs PM system to communicate directly with other RS members.}

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Hi Crissi,

I'm truly sorry you're going through this. I will send you a personal message.


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I am sorry to hear this. After a PS told me that implants could contribute to arthritis if you are predisposed, I decided not to do it. I am sorry you are struggling. My mom has Sjogren's and lupus like symptoms even years after having her implants out. I hope you feel better :)
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I'm sorry you had such a poor experience with your saline implants. I sometimes hear about health difficulties with silicone, but not saline. Would you be able to describe your symptoms to help other ladies out who might be going through the same thing?

Thank you for sharing your experience here on RealSelf. I hope your health improves from here on out!

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