Saw my Sisters Results & Had First Tx Today

The injections were done by an MD in the small...

The injections were done by an MD in the small town where I live. Had lower abs, mid abs and love handles injected, there were of course the sticks and no pain at all with the injection of the solution. Less uncomfortable than botox on my face. Certainly would rate the discomfort as very minimal. I put one star as I could feel them. The doctors clinic made no promise of a money back refund, I paid cash (check) and thought it was reasonable priced. I have another appt. in 4 weeks then they will set the next appt at that time. The doctor was careful to explain what I should do and take and also gave me a list to follow.
I went to a Dr. Tim Tarkenton in Mineral Wells, Tx. He is resonably new at this and other cosmetic procedures and is learning new ones all the time, he does all the injections himself.
Randi i would like to know where you went for lipo dissolve?
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