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I am a white female, 36 years old my skin is fair...

I am a white female, 36 years old my skin is fair to med. I tan fairly easily. I received fraxel laser to smooth out my complexion after acne and also reduce some hyperpigmented spots.

I had 4 treatments, 1 month apart from November to February. The first three treatments healed without any problem but also no change in the texture of my skin the last treatment left my skin very hyperpigmented, I used a 60 sunscreen faithfully and stayed out of the sun.

It has been about 18 months and I still have demarcation lines above my eyebrows and on the sides of my face as well as alot of hyperpigmentation over my whole face. It is much worse then before and unfortunately with the cost of the laser, I can't afford any more treatments to fix it... Do yourself a favor and save your money!!!!


I just finish my third fraxel treatment and I feel that my skin is also a bit more darker than when I first started. Ironically I decided to do fraxel for my hyperpigmentation and now I feel that I through my money away. I hope that this is a stage that my skin is going through and that it will resolve eventually.
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sorry to hear that. your practioner should offer to correct the hyper pigmentation issues at no extra cost.
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The doctor did not tell me that hyperpigmentation was a possible side effect, I was only told that this type of laser was used to remove melasma.

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