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I had 5 photo facial treatments done, mainly for a...

I had 5 photo facial treatments done, mainly for a rejunevation, but was exited about also getting skin tightening,a reduction in wrinkles and a lessening to the redness and broken capillaries. To my dismay, I got no tightening and no reduction in wrinkles, and a slight reduction in redness.

I have seen the results in others and naively thought I would also get great results. I feel as though I threw out $3000 and am extremely upset with the lack of results. Save your money and use make-up to correct what you can. I guess if it sounds too good to be true it's probably not, as I sadly found out.


Waste of my money!!!! Had four sessions and I did see a difference for the first two....then NOTHING! Not to mention all of my freckles have returned (yes...I wear sunscreen every day) and didn't see any difference AT ALL on my your money!!!
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I was promised at lease a 50% improvement and I never got it.

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