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I had injections under my eyes and suffered...

I had injections under my eyes and suffered bruising. However when I got an injection two weeks later on the folds on my cheeks my lrft side turned purple within an hour and i syffered two weeks of aganizing pain and the entire length of my face broke out in discusting sores that are still not healed all the way after three weeks.

From what i can tell there will he scars there and all of the discoloration still has not disapeared.

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I would not wish this painful experience on my worst enemy

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I think someone else on the site had a bad reaction like this to Juvederm and it was a really bad infection, cellulitis or something like that. They actually had to be hospitalized. Please keep us posted as to how you are and best wishes to you.
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You are right KTA, not sure if this is the one you were thinking of or not, but here is a forum about it:

"Cellulitis from Juvederm"

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