Lips Look Exactly the Same.. -Savannah, GA

This summer I decided to get permanent lipstick......

This summer I decided to get permanent lipstick... my bottom lip is larger than my top and I thought it would even them out... well after I got them done they swelled up HUGE and were bright red. It looked like those candy wax lips! I wad so upset my lips looked awful.. but then after about 2 weeks of peeling I literally can tell no difference.... overall I have learned to love my natural lips but I wish I didn't spend so much money to realize this...
In order for lips to take the color you need two sessions.
That is not necessarily true. I have been doing this for 13 years and the second visit for me is always for perfecting little things...there is tons of color there if done correctly and cared for correctly. It does however take at least 3 weeks for the color to reappear once they have pealed.
Also I am looking at what you paid for full lip color...way too cheap to be anyone with solid experience and time invested into their craft. I'm in KY and full lips are $500 and I also work in NYC and full lips are $700-$800 there.
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