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I Made It, Finally - Tummy Tuck for 40 Year Old Mom of 4

I am 40 yrs old Saudi lady with four kids,my...

i am 40 yrs old Saudi lady with four kids,my youngest would be 9 next August.I have had a tummy tuck 20 days ago,because my tummy was horribly deformed and i had stretch marks which made me feel depressed.

Now i dont feel happy as i promised myself ,somehow i feel satisfied.The operation is difficult and i lost my sensation down there.The scar is awful.


hi Hessah i hope u feel better now.. can u please give me the name of the doctor who made the operation for you ? and in what hospital did you do the operation
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this monday i will be 40 days post op . my stomach is not as flat as i imagined it would be .i am even more swollen than the first week of surgery
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thanx for replay ,dont rush ur result u will be awsome i know that ,take time for heal and use silicon sheet for scares,lots of vitamin c ,and u will be so fine
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