Got Rhinoplasty Done but Not Happy with Result-nose Looks Short and Upturned and Doesnt Suit my Face - Saudi Arabia, SA

I had always been dissatisfied with my wide nose...

I had always been dissatisfied with my wide nose with bulbous tip and flared nostrils. After so many years of considering Rhinoplasty, I finally went for it on 01-09-2012. When the cast was removed after one week, I was so shocked by the result as I felt there is no nose on my face and I looked like a victim of some nose trauma. My nose look too small for my face with no tip definition, rather the tip looked short and upturned with excessive nostril show. My previous nose was much better and I regret having it changed. At least this is not what I wanted. Had I knew the result, I would never go for it. Its my 13th post op day and I am in great misery and cry whenever I look myself in mirror. I can just hope it gets better with time but I am afraid even when the swelling will subside there are not going to be any drastic changes and I so want to have a revision now. :'(

can u post a more far away frontal? I can't relaly tell what your nose looks like cuz its so upclose
ok I'll do that

I'm sorry your results are not what you hoped. It can be a shock when the cast comes off. I know it's hard, but try to let the swelling subside a bit more before you make a judgment. Also, if at all possible, it'd be great to see more of your face in the photos so we have some context (you can blur out your eyes/mouth if that makes you more comfortable). I truly hope this turns out the way you want. Fingers and toes crossed for you!


Its 23rd post op day and I am still hoping for my...

Its 23rd post op day and I am still hoping for my nose to get better, I am still not happy with it but I have kind of accepted it and there is nothing that I can do at this time but to wait keeping my fingers crossed.
I am wondering how are you feeling about your nose? Did it get better?
Hello I'm Sarah, I'm from the city of Jeddah, I hope that we have a good relationship and I would like to thank this wonderful site, which we collected as friends I have read your problem and I've seen your pictures and I hope that there will be best for you, I want to enlarge my buttocks and I'm looking forward to it but I can not find the clinic are good so far and I hope that there will be one the best, if there is help you can offer me.
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My doctor was well known plastic surgeon and a well experienced too. But unfortunately he didnt prove to be good for me.

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