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I had horrible teeth, especially my canines, my...

I had horrible teeth, especially my canines, my two front teeth, and my bite. My dentist was offering a promotional product called invisalign, which was about $3,000 less than his charge for metal braces.

I did it, and a year and a half later, I have beautiful straight white teeth (after a whitening), and a perfect bite. While the plates can be uncomfortable, or even slightly painful the first time you wear them, that wears off after a few hours.

I strongly recommend this product to anyone considering braces.

Dr. Jack Kassab.

My doctor was very patient and informative.

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Dr. Jack Kassab
1176 Liberty Ave # 2, NY 11208-3309
(718) 827-6001
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Where in brooklyn is your dentist located? Do you have a # for him?
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Hi Cristine, Provider information appears above the review. You must be signed in to view, which requires free registration for an account.
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who is your dentist?
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I'm so glad to hear that you are happy with Invisalign. I just started 5 days ago; I think I'm used to them already.
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