First Few Days with Invisalign - Saskatoon, SK

I've always wanted teeth without gaps and after...

I've always wanted teeth without gaps and after breaking my front two on vacation this winter (long story) my dentist suggested I get the treatment before my permanent crowns. So begins my journey. So far I have been miserable. My teeth ache and I'm starving. I find it such a chore to take them out to eat and painful to put back in after eating so I don't bother. My tongue is chewed up from rough edges on the inside of the aligners. I know I have just started as I have 24 for the top and 21 for the bottom and these are my first trays, (this is before any refinements too!) I just hope this is all worth it in the long run!


Like Crooky24 said, this stage will pass!  The first week with attachments is the worst.  But they wear down and your mouth toughens up and then you forget how miserable it was.  Even the tray changing gets less bothersome, as your teeth get used to moving.  Some trays will still be worse than others, but very few will be miserable and for most people, none will hurt more than 3 or 4 days.

For a long time, we haven't had that many people in Canada.  Suddenly, within a week or two, we are representing several provinces, though mostly Quebec.  I think you're our first from SK, though :D.  

Anyway, I don't know what kind of gaps you've got without a picture to go by, but I'm going to introduce you to our Gap Club anyway :), in case one of them has teeth similar to yours.  If you post pics I can find someone more similar.

HelloInvisalignNRK0314, llatkinson667, MsT850,Fuschia, creativejawn, Primus81, AmBam17, and PreOrtho is a RealFriend. Mmapp1 has spaces on top and crowding on the bottom.

I do have a question, though.  When you say you broke your front teeth, I am picturing that your front teeth have hardly anything left, and wondering how you are supposed to manage without fixing them first.  Could you clarify that a little?

I look forward to following your progress!
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Yes sorry. I have temporary crowns and will get permanent ones once this is all over!!
Also, I will post pictures soon. I forget to take pictures when I have the aligners out!
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