Downtime Forever? Two Months Later and I Still Have Grid Marks.

I had the Mixto laser done with a facelift and two...

I had the Mixto laser done with a facelift and two months later I still look like a Waffle Cone! I cannot go out without people staring at me, asking why my face is so red, or do I know I have lines on my face! I'm going to have to go to another surgeon to see what can be done to repair the damage to my face.

I would NEVER have done this, had I known the possible outcome.

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I am sorry this happened to you. If you have not, please file a report with the FDA, via their adverse event report filing system. This might help protect others in the future. It is important to have an official record of these injuries so that they are documented. There is no time limit for filing the report. It is never too late to file.

Your name and the name of the doctor will not be on public display but only viewable by the FDA. If you reported this outcome to your doctor it was their obligation to notify the mfg, who was then supposed to file a report with the FDA but that does not always happen. Each patient still needs to file their own report with the FDA so you will have a voice and you can be sure the damage was reported and documented.

You can file the report online at this link below, just click the "Begin" button to the right. You will need the manufacturer and model (or at least that would be helpful) of device that harmed you.
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Haro, that is true that you "gamble each time you go under the laser."

I must be the exception to that rule, as I posted pictures and story here after my own experience with MixTo. It wasn't pretty. And the recovery was months longer than the 10 days I'd thought it would be.
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Hum! Where do these people go? Do they not read their email? We are asking for more info and pictures. If you are not willing to respond to us here, then your credibility just took a HUGE nose-dive!
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Most people don't like to follow up with their own horror stories or negative outcomes. It serves to remind them of their plight. They've been changed and recovery is months away, and sometimes there is no recovery.

You gamble each time you go under the laser.
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Sarasand, May I ask if you are fair-skinned or olive? It does seem unacceptable for the grid marks to still be visible 2 months post-treatment. Are you able to cover them with foundation?
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Please post photos From MIAMO Dr. B
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What does your PS say about it? You should see a dermatologist too, before having any more done to your skin. I would guess you still have healing going on. I hope it gets better for you soon.
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