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Side-effects! - Sarasota, FL

I stopped after three days because it looked like...

I stopped after three days because it looked like I walked into a door! Terrible dark lids and under-eyes. I stopped before my blue eyes turned brown. Maybe people with dark eyes and olive complexions get less side-effects? The side-effects were DEFINITELY not worth it. I switched to Obagi Elastilash. While the results are not as dramatic and rapid as I have witnessed with Latisse there are zero side-effects.
Thank you Jill for making comment. It reminded me I needed to change my comment! Yes, the dark marks went away. I only used briefly. I have heard other reports of permanent color change, but I did not experience that. I now believe it was MY MISTAKE: I think I was using too much of the product and that is why I got the raccoon eyes. I tried again about five days ago using only the barest amount. No dark coloration and I have noticed some eyelash growth. Although I did not think it was much, I was asked by a friend if I was wearing falsies. So I guess a little goes a long way. Sorry if I mislead anyone.

Oh wow, did the dark marks go away after you stopped using it?  Thanks for sharing your story with us.


See below.... operator error!

I think it may have been my overuse of the product that caused the discoloration. See comment below.

Glad to hear it went away!  Thanks for the update :)


Although Latisse requires a perscription, LSpa in Sarasota sells it without. They also totally downplayed the side-effects even going so far as to say it wouldn't make my blue eyes brown but just a darker blue. Shame on them for falsifying and shame on me for taking their word.

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