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I started out with a b-cup non-sagging tits. Dr...

I started out with a b-cup non-sagging tits.
Dr Engel gave very good information on the consultation we had but he forgot bringing up some important facts such as he was not going to lower my breastcrease with a 550 implant in b-cup breasts,this made my boobs completely destroyed.Since the implant could not settle into any pocket my skin just streached instead and they started sagging,i have emailed dr Engel and he just blames everything else and does not admit he literally destroyed my breasts.
The implants were sagging,they were malplaced and uneaven all this confirmed by two other plastic surgeons.
I do not recommend this clinic or doctor to anyone,they dont even answear my emails anymore.

My before breasts

I just wanted to post this so you can see for yourself that my breasts were not a hard case or anything,pretty normal b-cup breast with nipples pointing a little bit out.
My latest surgeon took pictures of my 550 breast before he had them redone so i might post that picture later.

My awful pictures

How awful is this,YES it is the same breasts.
I had,malposition,saggyness,destroyed tissue,double bubble when raising my arms,no clevage,no lower pole,implants placed too low for my body,uneaven creases.
The implant were in my armpit.

Scott J Engel at Sarasota plastic surgery center is blaming the big implant,me having difficult breasts to begin with wich are total lies.When doing surgery you have to keep in mind that every patient looks different on the inside you cant just place an implant and hope it will turn out good.

I will post a result on my revision when 6 months has passed they look good now,and for your info i have 700 ccs now and they dont sag or look anything like this shit!! if you have a surgeon with good skills you can easy put a 550 implant in a b cup without a problem so all you people and doctors who is blaming big implants,if your surgeon cant put a big implant in you with a nice result he should not be a surgeon.

What went wrong

I need to update...well apparentyl Scott Engel (my Dr) Did not release my muscle enough + alot of other things he did wrong,pocket was to small and wrongly created. Also you can see another doctor from the same clinic Dr Scott works at commented on my question about my boobs and he told me they LOOK NORMAL,DOES THIS LOOK NORMAL TO YOU? You should be ashamed.
Sarasota Plastic Surgeon

totally destroyed my firm tits and made them saggy.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hello thank you for your story and your revision surgery. After my skin graft I dont plan on having anymore surgerys. This experience has totally made me lose faith in Doctors a little. Aleast the Dr I had who lied and messed me up. I will post pictures of how my left breast looks soon. My MD family practice Dr told me to use Silvertine on my wound and its been closing thank goodness
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I'm glad your revision worked out well. How awful to be excited about getting a BA and then have to get them redone. You're doctor should have seen it didn't go well and offer to make the revision instead of playing the blame game.
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He offered me a revision but WHO would get a revision by a doctor who destroys breasts this bad?
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So true right the surgeon who did my breast surgery told me to come back also NOT
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So sorry to hear about your mishap! I can only imagine how you felt. Glad your new 700's are looking good so far. Cant wait to see.
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I need to have another revision cause Dr Engel messed up so bad.Sadly
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Hi...I don't see any pics..
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They are in the review,everyone else can see them...weird
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Oh my soul! I would have been very unhappy too :(
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Oh no. Im so sorry to read your story. It saddens me that some people should go through this because of somebody else's negligence :( I hope you will be happy with your new revised boobs.
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Look at my new pictures i uploaded.I am pretty happy with my boobs now i will post a pic of them in a month or so!
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did you have to have a lift? How did the revision go- where they able to fix everything front he first surgeon? best wishes!
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No i did not have to get a lift but i had to get bigger implants to fill out the skin cause it was so stretched out from the malposition,i will upload the pictures before i had a revision as soon as i get them.No they were not able to fix everything however my current surgeon did a great job,he has 35 years of experience,my boobs look fine now however i will never forget about this ever.
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Sorry that this happened to you. 550 is too big for someone is narrow as you in my opinion.
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The sad thing about this when contacting their staff in email is that they are just blaming other things,blaming the big implant(a skillfull surgeon should be able to work with a 550 implant in an a-cup patient)blaming my nipple distance.YES ive had my breast done again by another surgeon in Sweden they look somewhat good now but they would have looked so much better if my first surgery didn't screw them all up.
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I am so sorry about your nightmare experience!  I would think that if a surgeon thought a 550 was too big for the client, he would let them know...I have large nipple distance and my implants ended up wide but I did not go very big and I am alot older.   If you don't mind me asking where did you post your new pics?  and did your new surgeon have to cut the inner pec wall?
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The new pics are in this review cant you see them? Uploaded a few hours ago...I dont really know what you mean by cut inner pec wall but he had to lift my pec muscles in the clevage to create a clevage,that is a must when doing surgery and it will not create symnastia
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Thanks...I guess I never understood how they form cleavage..thanks so much for the information!!.  That is something I should have studied before I had my implants...because I have no cleavage.
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I didn't either until my current surgeon told me:/ however some surgeons do not want to touch the inner pec muscles at all for some reason.
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I've read that the surgeon really has to know what he's doing or the patient can end up with symnastia.
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I'm SO sorry!! Thank you so much for posting a review and hopefully this will help prevent someone else from having the same experience you did. Are you looking at new PS's to fix what has been done? You're in my thoughts. Xoxo
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So sorry this happened to you. Are going to look for another PS to see if they can fix it for you?
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