Complete Loss of Sensation & Terrible Scars

Went from a 36DDD to a 36D (wanted to be a 36C). ...

Went from a 36DDD to a 36D (wanted to be a 36C). Emotional "pain" of no longer having nipple sensation and the scarring that the procedure left made this totally not worth it.

My comment to anyone consitering this procedulre is to think long and hard about what you are giving up before going under the knife. I would give anything for my larger breast with feeling if I could turn back the clock!!

A year later I still do not have any nipple sensation; it never returned. The scars are still quite visable on my fair skin and are a constant reminded of my mistake. I sincerely hope those reading the "not worth it" posts consider that they need to pay VERY close attention to the risks of this procedure ...and if there doctor claims that there is a low risk of any negative outcome please DON"T assume it won't happen to you!
Hi again LG,
I also had breast procedure (breast lift with implants) and had lost nipple sensation for 6 months!
I thought that it was going to be permanent but thankfully my sensation returned. As for the scarring, I chose a procedure with minimal scarring, however I hear that the scars fade with time. I would recommend you to be patient and give it some time. Good luck!
Not every patient is going to have the same outcome, and I'm sorry it's not been the most positive experience. There are always risks that go along with surgery and anyone who did any research about the procedure would know those were both possible. What is your post op time at this point? While the surgery was the best thing I have ever done for myself, the scars are a faded memory of having to change my physical appearance with surgery because I wasn't blessed with the perfect proportions!! Good Luck in the future... I hope your feelings on your appearance become more of a positive note for you in your life.
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