Wayy over Due for a Change! - Santo Domingo Pueblo, NM

Having a TT, Lipo, BL by Dr. Robles on Feb. 12,...

Having a TT, Lipo, BL by Dr. Robles on Feb. 12, I'm extremely nervous. I have 2 kids whom leaving at home with there dad and my mom will be there as well to help. This is seething I've always dream of. I can't wait but at the same time I find myself questioning myself a lot. I pray it all works out for the best!!
Hi ladies. I had to put my surgery on hold till further notice. my primary dr. Did not give me clearance:( my ekg came back abnormal. I have to have further tests done. I need to have a biopsy of my throat done:( just keep me in prayers as I will be praying also. Thank you all.
Hope your surgery went well. Please update us all when you can. Happy Healing!!
Keep us posted
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