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this profile is cancel

I am nervous at the same time excited I have seen...

I am nervous at the same time excited I have seen the preview of everybody and it looks good will be posting the picture after and before to let you guys see what she has done I am doing a lipo and Tummy.a friend of mine did it and she looks amazing and her cousins too. can't wait. When I spoke to her she made me feel so comfortable she sent me a list of things that I need to do before the procedure she gave me all the details on what to bring.

my wish body

I want a body Like this


On Monday I will have to go to my hat and a hand give them a copy of the rest of id that they asking me for my passport and hopefully they could give me my passport right there and then.I would have to find out if I could get my money back because I paid for them to give it to me fast within 2 to 3 weeks and its almost taking a month.

don't follow me on this I have another one

How do I delet my self out of this

bought little stuff for now

Hi gm, yesterday boughtcouple of things not too much I bought some probably like 5 things undecided on what to buy is someone could give me a list on the quantity that I should bring that has the experience already or has an idea please comment I'll be so thankful. well today I will be calling my passport to see what's going on I paid extra money so I could receive it fast so let's seetoday what happens kind of nervous. I just got the confirmation for the upscale recovery house I already put my deposit in I will be staying there for 15 days. I heard good things in that place so hopefully I will experience the same thing.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I was looking at her website and I was interested I emailed her with my information and photo of me and she responded within 2 days it shows her office number even her cell phone she respond to both,l she was very nice can't wait to meet her

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Hi dearie, I have surgery may 2,will be staying at upscale me and my 2other surgery buddy!
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I Am 33 Years Old I Have 4 Kids, I Am Tired of Seeing my Body How It is I Am Interested and Dr Yily I See Other People Result. dont write on this profile go to.
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What's the name of your other profile? I'm going to fisher as well the same time as u
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The one that says this I Am 33 Years Old I Have 4 Kids, I Am Tired of Seeing my Body How It is I was interested on Dr Yily but changed it to Dr Fisher
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I'm going to fisher on may 12
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Me too
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Yay, go threw my other profile
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Have you decided on who is doing your sx?
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Yes dra Yily, I have another profile the one that says I am 33 . Dont no how to delete this one
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I found your other profile. I will post on there.
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How can I change the dr name the dr that it has is wrong
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Send a Message to DawnD on this. She could help you
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