Just Started my Journey - Dr Yily - Santo Domingo, DR

Today is my first day on the site as a member but...

Today is my first day on the site as a member but I've been reading reviews for weeks now. Originally I had Dr J in mind. But after checking prices and reading reviews I decided to go with Dr Yily. I've considered having a BBL and TT for years....but I'll be turning 40 in August and decided rather than have a big party I would gift myself a new body. I plan to get a TT, BA, Lipo, and ofcourse a BBL. Although I just decided on Dr Yily today; I'm already anxious to get my procedure done. My date is tentavely July 8, 2013. Once, I made my decisionthis mmorning, I called Dr Yily and talked to Tora. Sent in my pictures and gave them my date. I then scheduled 3 weeks off from work and search my flight prices.....all this in about and hour. I guess you guys can tell, I'm already overly excited. Now all I need is the quote so I can send in my deposit.

Ok, things are going so smoothly with my journey....

Ok, things are going so smoothly with my journey. I emailed Dr Yily on Monday,got a reply asking for my pictures on Tuesday, sent them the same day(Tuesday) and got my quote and surgery date today. Things are moving so fast. :-)

Ok, so now if finally feels real to me....just got...

Ok, so now if finally feels real to me....just got my passport. I'm so excited!!!

Ok, so I sent my deposit to Dr Yily via her Chase...

Ok, so I sent my deposit to Dr Yily via her Chase account yesterday and just got a call from my bank needing an address for this account. Has anyone else had this come up? Do you just use the address for the clinic?

Changed surgery date to 7/23....just got...

Changed surgery date to 7/23....just got confirmation yesterday!

Ok. Getting everything in place now....need...

Ok. Getting everything in place now....need recovery house. Does anyone have contact info for Angela's? Any reviews welcome as well.

59 days to go and counting down!!!

59 days left until I join the other Yily dolls on the other side. I'm still getting stuff together. So far I've purchased 2 extra fajas. The vadette 136 and the mariae thong faja...both in small. Now I'm wondering if I should go ahead and get an extra small for later. I have my vita mefica kit, Lipo foam, 2 P EZ funnels, arnica pills and gel, the squeem waist cincher in small, 2 tubes of hydrocortisone cream for itching, and a Lipo an board. I'm so excited I'm having to stop myself from ordering and buying so much at once and so early. Flight is booked, deposit paid, and recovery house booked and paid.
Speaking of, I booked with yasmin,but after reading the reviews on her I'm about to ask for a refund and book a hotel instead. :O just when I thought I had all my ducks in a row.

50 days to go and counting down!

So Miss Blessedazz2cum, one of my sx buddies just reminded me.....we have about 50 days left. I'm so excited, anxious, nervous, and scared all in one. Trying to make sure I have everything together. I'm so glad that o have her and our other buddy V to be there and share this experience with. When I first joined this sight I was thinking I would be doing this alone. Thanks to RS I was able to find someone who has so much in common with me. It's going to make my journey so much better and allot easier.

Less than 45 days left till my transformation!

Ho dolls, my time is approaching very fast! We have less than 45days left. I'm spook excited and yes, scared at the same time. Worried about the epidural. I had one 21 years ago and I still remember that ot didn't work for me and that the hole in my back took forever to heal..... On another note. My daughter graduated from high school yesterday so all my graduation expenses are now over and o can concentrate on my money for this trip to the DR. YEAH ME!!!!! We still need to sure up where we will be recovering at so any suggestions from the vets would be greatly appreciated!!!!

40 days and counting down!!!!

40 days till my transformation! Thank God is coming soon because I've been out of control. Don't know if it's all these vitamins or what but I am eating up everything insight. Geesh! No self control lately. I nada bacon cheese burger today with avocado and topped it off with a large coke. And I have not drank soda in years. It's ridiculous. At this rate it will be 2 times as much as me. Anyone else had an increased appetite with thier new vitamins????

24 Days until Y Day!!!!!

So as of today I have 24 days left until my transformation. I'm so excited. My doctor call this morning with my test results. Everything was good and my hemoglobin was 13.1....Yeah! My PCP gave me all my meds excepts for the heperin and they are all packed and ready to go. Yes, my suitcase has been packed for weeks. Lol. My arm compression sleeves came in today also. I can't even begin to say how my excitement level goes up everytime I cross something off my list. July 23 can't get here fast enough for me.

surgery in 10 days!!!!!

So the the clock is really ticking.....8 days until I arrive in DR and 10 days left until my transformation. I'm so excited.

My time has finally come!

Ok, so I'm headed to the airport in about an hour. Can't believe I'll be in DR 12 hours from now. I'm so ready for my transformation!

Im Here!!!!!!

Finally, I'm Here. So I've been in the DR for about 6 hours now......didn't sleep last nightat all knowing I was going to have to board my plane at 5:15 and come here. Now I'm so excited about being here that I'm still not sleeping. How am I suppossed to sleep knowing in less that 36 hours I will be yiliyfied???? Plus, I'm trying to wait out my buddies, they arrive at midnight. Maybe I'll take a cat nap until they get here......more later because I forgot to mention the driving, the armed guards with sawed offs at western union, and how good my 1st Dominican meal was.

1 more day!

So 2 of my buddies made it here around 3:30 this morning and miss LolaJae didn't make it here until almost 6am.....she had a 5 hour delay. Needless to say, when everyone finally got here we talked and talked until not only was it light outside but time to get dressed and head over to CIPLA to get out tests knocked out. So far we all good and ready to go. By the time we lest CIPLA 3 hours later, we were starving and very tired. We then went to the market, western union to change money and to a humongous lunch at tropical Nathan's. It's really not good to shop for groceries when you're that hungry. I have no idea if I'm really going to eat all that I bought. Same goes for going to the restaurant when you're starving. We spent almost as much as we did at the grocery store. Well I had planned to talk about what I missed updating on yesterday but I'm doing this while everyone else is napping and now I'm about to join them.

surgery Postponed

So we arrive back at CIPLA first thing this morning; all ready to let Yily doher thang and cut us up. Well, guess what???? My iron level was too low. Now I went to my doctor and got all my tests. Brought the paper work with me and evereverything. Samira even looked at it and was like wow, you were a 13. Then Damn it if I didn't get there this morning and was told it is now 11.6.....WTF???????? I just got tested on June 21st and I was on my cycle and still had a 13 level. Anyway, it came down to a blood transfusion. So, from 11:30 this morning until 7 I was tied to an IV and in the bed. They gave me 2 pints and also I injected some benedryl in the IV.....I was knocked out for the next 6 hours. Anyway, I'm back at our condo now. Can I just say, I have so many Damn emotions about this.....I so thought I would be laid up delirious from anesthesia waking up to a body that would be turning heads and snapping necks right now. So I have to be at CIPLA at 8am in the morning to get more blood drawn and hopefully a new banging body by this time tomorrow.

Pics from CIPLA

getting blood transfusion

Before and After pictures!

Thanks to Dr Yily, I now have a totally new body.....if not, I would never be able to post these.

all marked up and ready to go!

After Yily came in and marked me up.....she really had allot of work to do. :-)

Day after surgery.....

1 day post op.....headed home......well to our rented apt....but im on the other side.

Morning after

About to get into Faja for the1st time.....lower abdomen is very swollen.

the ifabulous Dr Yily

Dr Yily the day of my surgery. My buddies and I decided to give her and appreciation gift. She's so beautiful!

Dressed and about to leave CIPLA

More day 1 post op pictures. Happy to be headed home to recover. Dressed and about to leave CIPLA.

Drain came out on day 14

Pics with no more drain. I didn't take many after pics until my PCP removed the drain for me.

last picture until my 21 day mark on wednesday

17 days post......so I love my new body so much that I just randomly snap pics.....booty pic while laying on the couch.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Found out about Dr Yily through this site.

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Keep up the updates! You look amazing girl!
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Hey girl, I'm from pleasant grove too!!! Omg your the first person I've found on here close to me! Congrats on your amazing results! I would love to see some new pics of you and hear how you're doing. - Sarah from dallas(pg)
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You look great!! Glad to know youre healing well.
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You look fantastic !!
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Your body is rockin!
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Happy healin! You look great!!
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great transformation. You look good! L love ur results. Question, when you got lipo on your arms, was that just to get fat to do your BBL, or did you include your arms as a body part to be lipoed? If it was just for the BBL, how much of a difference does it make with how your arms look, or would a person need to have aggressive lipo performed on their arms for it to make a difference? thanks.
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You look good. Can you post more pics.
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nice booty lol looking good hun glad you got what ya wanted and you look great for sure x
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You look amazing
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You look great!
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Thanks Newme5498!
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So did you have all the lipo, the tummy tuck, the bbl and a BA as well? I ask because I couldn't see bandaging for the BA. You look really great, your back is so smooth and your waist is teeny! Btw, I love your hair, I really like to see African American hair with its natural texture and yours looks beautiful. Great job Dr Yily!
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Thanks AllieGB! I've been natural for years now and love it. As far my BA, I decided not to do it. One reason is that I saw some not so hot implants that Yily did on RS and I was afraid she might not do a good enough job on my breasts with having to do so much other stuff to my body. The other reason is that I was afraid the recovery and pain would be too much for me. In hind sight I wish I had at least done the lift if not the implants. But hey there's always next time. And with all the underarm and back fat gone it actually looks like I had breast work done. :-)
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Hunty you look freakin fab! I can't wait to be just like you TRANSFORMED! How's the new bod? I know you love it but physically has anything changed?
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Thanks Mamacita 1987, yrs I am indeed loving it. Physically the only thing that has really changed is that none of my old clothes fit anymore, I can wear my old jrsjeans if they were stretch otherwise no ma'am. Plus, i'm half the size I was pre op. No stomach at all. My waist went from 44 to 27.5 and still shrinking. I also lost allot of weight after surgery. On the day of my surgery I weighed in at 183 and today I weigh 162. I wasn't trying to lose weight but after surgery I had no appetite and even now if I had my garment and squeem on I can not eat a full meal and can barely drink a full glass of water.
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Yessss sounds like things are ging great post new pics if you have some! That's how I want to be NOSTOMACHATALL..lbvvs I have so far changed my eating habits so that would like help train me after sx to continue the same pattern! It's a huge lifestyle change and I plan on doing a whole 360. Thanks for responding hun you take care, continue to heal and enjoy that new BODDDYYY! Muah xoxo
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happy happy healing and as your results settle, hope you look more beautiful!!!
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Thanks so much sexintel!
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beautiful transformation... you look great!
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Thanks Voluptuous1; I am so happy with my results. I haven't been this small in 10 years and haven't had a stomach this flat since I had my 21yr old.
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Yessssssssssssssssss lookin fierce girl!!!!!
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Thanks dukes217; I'm very happy with my results.
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You look Great! My date is less than two weeks away! Omg I hope Vicodin or percocet helps me get through that pain!
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