Mommy Makeover - TT, BL, BA, and Lipo - Domincan Republic

I'm 40 years old with 4 children ages 22,20,15 and...

I'm 40 years old with 4 children ages 22,20,15 and 2. I weigh 139. lbs. Having 4 children has put a toll on my body, so after having my youngest I started seriously considering having a mommy makeover. I looking to have my surgery in Dominican Republic and looking for some referrals. I hope to have my procedure done by early 2013.

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf. Whichever doctor you choose, make sure that he or she is board certified in the country of origin and very well practiced. Don't rush into it and really research your surgeon. Please keep us posted!


After reading several posting from women who had...

After reading several posting from women who had the their procedures done in Dominican Republic I had decided to contact the following Doctors and sent them pictures of myself. I'm also looking into their credentials and hope to get some input and advise from some of their patient from Realself. Below is a list of the doctors I have contacted and two quotes I received so far for a Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift, Breast Implants, Lipo (flanks hips and thighs).

Dr. Hungria - $6900 (recommended fill in the buttocks)

Dr. Espaillat- Still waiting for quote

Dr. Robles - rough estimate by doctor's assistant $5800. Waiting for Doctor to review my photos to get a final quote.

Dr. Katherine Feliz Camilo - still waiting for reply

If anyone can give me some feed back on how their experience went, I would appreciated it.
I'm thinking of Dr Katherine Camilo for the same thing tummy tuck and breast augmentation. Going through Global medical centre. They also do a breast lift with it. I'm getting gels put in. I believe they also do some liposuction on your flanks. I was quoted $8,500. For everything including stay at hospital and hotel all inclusive. The hotel they use is Dominican fiesta hotel and casino. I haven't booked it yet but looking at the beginning of June. I'm 45 years old and had 3 children. I work out 5 days a week and weigh 139 pounds. Please keep me informed on what you find out and who you decide to go with. It's a big step for all of us. I'm from Canada
I am scheduled with Dr. Robles. So far I have only heard good reviews and the results that I have seen have also been good. However,.. I have only seen reviews from over the last couple of months.. nothing from a year or two ago. I'll keep you updated.
Thanks for the Advice. My fiance is in the medical field and recently started goes to Dominican Republic for business, so he is assisting me in my research, even through he has his own concerns about my decision. We plan on scheduling in-person consultations with each doctor i choose the next time we go to DR. I decides to consider having my mommy makeover in DR after i went to a consultation and was quoted 10,899. without lipo. Instead they recommencement Lipo-ex a radio frequency dermal heating method that would cost an additional 2,400. Which fat could return if one doesn't continue to eat and exercise on a regular bases. I on the other hand want smart lipo for my problem areas, hips and inner thighs. I have not rule out getting my mommy makeover in the USA. I do have another consultation here in south Florida with a different physician.
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