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I had Ultherapy done on the neck area about 6...

I had Ultherapy done on the neck area about 6 months ago. (this is much more painful that I expected or was advised!( I Initially felt a tightening however I was advised it would take 3 months for results to actually show.
At this point I see little or no difference. The key word that I am told is the results are 'subtle'.
I don't seen any difference - so translation for "subtle" is
"waste of time and money" .
Note - I don't recall the exact amount this cost - I believe it was around $1000 (maybe a little less). Either way - save your money.

What a bummer to not see any changes. :-/ Did you discuss the lack of results with the spa you went to? I would be curious if they felt they could see changes or not?

Allegro Med Spa

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