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Don't Know Yet (Only 1 Day Later So I'll See) - Santa Rosa, CA

I am turning 61 in a few days. I have never had...

I am turning 61 in a few days. I have never had any procedure or injections, aside from some chemical peels now and then. I was tired of seeing my bags, jowls and neck going south. Although I look really good for my age, I knew it was time to take the plunge. I had read all the reviews about the procedure and decided to go with Allegro Med Spa in Santa Rosa.

I was worried about the pain, but since I had to drive, I just took 3 Advil. I had been told by provider during an office consultation that I would need a pain medication like Xanax, but the people at this location assured me I could get through it without heavy meds. The technician was wonderful. She explained that she was going to start and how many passes and where she was going to treat. She did one side first - then I took a break and then the other. The area for me that the pain was a little more intense was above the eyebrow, otherwise, I would say if you hold the cooling tube close enough to your face and have a squeeze ball to grab, you'll do fine! Perhaps it's because I have gone to the dentist so much, that I can take the pain, I don't know. I've been told I don't have a very good pain threshold, but from my experience, this isn't that painful. The key here is, that it's fast. When you feel discomfort, it's over before you know it. Plus my technician was very thoughtful and asked me if I needed a break. She also would tell me how many passes in the area she was working that she had left to do (which assured me it was almost done!)

So, after 1 day, I can feel the tightening, especially on the left side of my face. I am hopeful in a few weeks the right side will kick in. But I would strongly suggest going to this place. They are very thorough and professional.

Hi bornskeptic, just wondering after all this time what you thought of the treatment and if you would recommend it to anyone? I'm 56 and just had mine done a week ago, so I can't really report on it yet, so we kinda rely on you guys who have had the treatment and enough time has past to actually give a true assessment. Hope it turned out great for you! Thanks for your initial review. =)

Glad to hear the treatment wasn't too unbearable for you. That is always a concern of course. Its interesting that you are feeling more of a difference on the left side. Please keep us updated how you are doing!!


Hi Megan,
It's the second day and the minor swelling has gone down. I was a little concerned yesterday because I looked a little swollen above my jawline. I was also concerned about bruising because I bruise easily, but at this point, I don't think it will be a problem. I think the reason my left side responded differently is that my right side is the side of my face I sleep on and because of that, my muscles are more "lax" on that side.

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