Uncomfortable. Am I Still Swollen?

I had smartlipo done Dec 14 2009. Today is week 6...

I had smartlipo done Dec 14 2009. Today is week 6.

I have dramatic results on both flank area, but not my lower and upper abs. Could I still be swollen? I hope so, If not...I'm very disappointed. Total cc removed was approx 2 1/2 ltrs

The procedure was a bit uncomfortable, but when I felt the stinging, I was given more ladicane. Total procedure time was 4 hrs. Other than that I was fine and my dr. was awesome along with his nurses.

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Thanks Luna. I have no lose skin, and all looks nice except I still have the dark spots from my canel tube. Thanks for responding
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Hi HHey..I wore my commpression carment for 6 straight weeks. as a matter of fact I switched to my spanx which was much tighter after 3 weeks faithfully. Yes it's fat I'm pinching not skin. After another consult with my dr. he is doing a touchup to remove the unwanted fat he left behind for an additional 1,500. I did everything I was supposed to and more. Thanks for the reply. Did you have lipo done as well?
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I am sorry you have to pay that extra $ to have the results you desired. Yes, I got liposculpture 12 days ago, I am happy with my results..I am not aiming for a flat tummy (since I was told I was a better candidate for a TT but opted for lipo). Thus far I am shrinking fine. Hope I don't end up with loose skin :) My procedure was done in Mexico by a PS who had done surgeries on other relatives. Best wishes on your second round.
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Did you wear your compression garment? My PS recommended 8 weeks and on and off for the next 6 months. Are you sure that what you pinch is fat, and not swelling or loose skin? Did you tried lymphatic drainage messages? Hope everything is resolving well for you.

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Yes some swelling has gone down, and I am very happy with my results, BUT, I still pinch at least 3in of fat and it's a good size roll over my jeans above my belly button. 450Cc were removed from each side of both upper and lower Abs. In 6months will this show dramatic results, or is what I see now what I get?
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Hi Michelles5 - thanks for posting about your experience. Hopefully by now you've seen a reduction in swelling. If not, you may find this community discussion helpful:

How was your recovery from Smartlipo
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