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Breast Augmentation, Along with a Lift - Santa Rosa, CA

I've been wanting to get some new breasts ever...

I've been wanting to get some new breasts ever since I finished breast feeding my son. He is now 14. Regrettably, I didn't breastfeed evenly on each breast, therefore my right boob is a cup larger than my left one. Ever since than I don't wear tank tops during the summer, wear low cut shirts or dresses, which I've hated it for over the past 13 years.

I've had plenty of time to think about it and I've come to the conclusion now's the time. I'm 33, I have one son and I choose not to have any more children. My free consultation appoint was on Feb. 16th and I've already scheduled all my appointments and paid for it all in advance.

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Your BA is the day before mine! Isnt time going by so slow!!! a little over a month to go :-)
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How have u been feeling lately? Sometimes all I do is think of boobs lol We went to Hooters & I found my self guessing which ones are real. Can't wait til the 23rd (0;
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Everyone's body is diffrent but recovery time varies I think some r ready to go back to work within a week, me I felt pretty good with in a few days but if I was working I Honestly don't think I would've been ready to go back in a week, altho I felt pretty good as far as pain and pressure but my body still felt drained. It's now 9days and I'm starting Not to feel as drained and tired. As far as cc's u should just try to look up ladies with ur frame and see How u would like to look. That actually helped me alot. My 1st visit with the Dr. I though I wanted 375-400 cc's but that because of the pictures I was looking at but those girls were smaller then me, so when I started looking ladies with my kinda built I came home with 540cc..lol I'm very glad I Did tho. Kinda this thinking I probably would've been able to pull of a little bigger...lol i know how wired it must b to hAve to go back to work and have people looking or wondering but if u normally wear pushup bras maybe They won't Really notice. Im Not working at the moment and that's y i defenitly decided to get it done now. Before I find a new job and nobody will know, if i had done this 3montha ago when i was working Everybody wouldve knowen,I had been at that work place for the past 10 years. Goodluck and keep us posted
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Hello! I know I'm going with Silicone and as for cc's I'm not sure yet I know they'll be D's if that helps. I'm pretty sure I will know on my pre-op appt. There's a part of me that's totally frightened by the surgery, but I know it'll be worth it. I just keep wondering how long is it going to take before I feel back to 'normal.' The only reason why I'm waiting so long is due to getting the vacation time and finishing up the school semester. I think I'm going to feel awkward when I begin to see people I know and then they see my breast and think, "Wow! She got them done." LoL I don't know how to react.
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Congratz on your decision. I just got mine done 9days ago and very happy I Did it. How many cc r u getting?
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Thanks for finding us and sharing on RealSelf! I know what you mean about the lopsidedness after breastfeeding! I wish I'd known about that ahead of time!

I hope you'll keep us posted as the 23rd gets closer! Do you know what size/type of implants you're going with yet?

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