Acne After Botox

I have been getting regular botox for almost a...

I have been getting regular botox for almost a year now. I love the result on the deep frown lines, however was hoping for a relaxing of the muscles over time, I have unfortunately not experienced any and continue to return every three months. One problem I have had since beginning treatment is extremely bad nodular acne only on my forhead, generally in the areas treated! I have talked to my dr, and he swears there is no relation, but I never had it before, and it is absolutely always a problem now. I am 39 years old and I constantly have cystic acne on my forhead only now.


Hi Leondro,
Thanks for joining the Botox community. Here is some info from our expert Q&A about Botox side effects maybe there will be some info in there. If not you should post a question. Please keep me updated.
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