Not Worth It - Santa Monica, CA

Not Worth it AT ALL! It was extremely painful...

Not Worth it AT ALL!

It was extremely painful and my face looks the same. It supposed to treat Melasma but I did not see any change what so ever.

They also said that minor discomfort is expected. but I will tell you this : There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING minor about the discomfort I experienced with this peel. NEVER AGAIN!

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Thank you Brit. No I will never have this procedure again. The application of it if very simple and I HIGHLY doubt it had anything to do with the doctor who performed.
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Hi Santa Monica,

Welcome to the Vi Peel, community. I'm so sorry your procedure was so uncomfortable. And not only painful , but no results, that makes it even worse. Did you go back and ask why you saw no results? Would you consider having this procedure from another doctor with more recommendations? Please keep us updated. 

Thanks so much for the review,


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