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I did my nose for aesthetic reasons and due to a...

I did my nose for aesthetic reasons and due to a septum deviation. I did a septoplasty due to a septum deviation & I had some work done to the outside of my nose for cosmetic reason. Not only does my nose look natural, but I can breathe better.

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After many consultations with different Doctors and doing my research. I am glad I chose my Dr. Thank You Dr. you are the best!

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I also did my nose with Dr. Clavin. It was somewhat complicated case, because besides the cosmetic dissatisfaction I had septum deviation resulting in difficulty breathing. I could not be happier with the results. My ability to breathe improved drastically, and my nose looks very well shaped and natural! I'm grateful for my Dr. excellent work and outstanding results. BTW, I didn't think that I was overcharged for the surgery. I did my research at the time. Yes, it costs money, but the money was well spent. I would recommend Dr. Clavin for the nose job, he is the best in the field.
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Thank you. Will check him out.
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I've just been quoted $12,750 for Beverley Hills surgeon. This sounded like alot until I read what you paid for Santa Monica. Moderators - is this normal? I'd love to see pics too as nose op sounds similar to mine. Did you have open surgery which is more complex than closed? Any help/advice appreciated. Thks
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The price they quoted you sounds right, if it includes Dr's fees,anesthesia,or fees. I was glad to find Dr. Clavin who does the close technique.
I hated the idea of having it open, I do not care for the scars & the scar tissue.
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Finding a doctor you trust is so important. I'm glad your result is what you'd hoped for.

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Thanks for sharing your experience. We'd love to see photos of the final result if you don't mind sharing!

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