Fat Transfer - Upper Face

1-2 days down time. Extreme swelling and looked...

1-2 days down time. Extreme swelling and looked really funny days.. 2-5, Went out with makeup around day 7. Comfortably saw people who know me around day 10-12.

Hello, I am so happy you are happy with the fat grafting. However, don't get to excited. It usually takes up to 3-4 months to see the final results. By then some fat may absorb into your body and touch up's will be needed. I know of very few, that did not need touch up's. One side of face may need more fat, or dumpling can occur. Please let us know your long term results, in a few more months. I wish you luck and hope your not one of those that ends up spending more money on touch up's required. All going into fat grafting of face should work out the touch up details with the surgeons before hand. They all know that one application is rarely all that's needed. Or you'll end up spending more money, and that usually makes me sad. Good Luck
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I liked his before and after pictures, and got results similar to those I saw in patients who had flaws similar to mine. I tell people don't expect to look perfect-- fat grafting is not the procedure for that since fat retention can vary in different areas of your. But you can expect to look better and prettier overall.

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