Better for Neck Bands? Santa Monica, CA

I had been using Botox for my ugly neckbands. I...

I had been using Botox for my ugly neckbands. I was never really impressed, or really noticed that much difference. The medspa was offering a special, so I decided to try it. I saw better than Botox results a couple of days following the injections [I think maybe 20 or less units] Same amt they used for Botox. I am sold. Had never heard of it before. Maybe its good for longer muscles? If I get more than 10 units of botox between my brows, I get a pouch under my eyebrows. Would any of the M.D. s know if Xeomin has side effects in that area? The injector also said that the direction of the needles makes a difference if it works or not, interesting


Thanks for sharing.  Some people respond better to Xeomin than to Botox, and vice versa.  Basically they are different brands of the same substance (but are a little different).  Let us know how long it lasts for you!

I found this in the Q&A and thought you might find it interesting as it includes some general info about the differenes:

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