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I'm scheduled for my BA in 3 weeks and 6 days...

I'm scheduled for my BA in 3 weeks and 6 days (didn't realize it was so close!!). I'm very excited and a little nervous, though most of my friends who've had the surgery have nothing but reassuring comments, which put my mind at ease. I just wanted to document my experience here since I've found so many of the stories helpful in answering my questions and educating me on what to expect. I have found a lot of the women who have this procedure have little or no breast tissue or never had children, so I wanted to give one more representation of a different case.

Just some details about myself: I'm 32, mother of one and breast-fed for 18 months. My daughter is 12 years old now. My breasts were a D-cup when I got pregnant and they blew up to an F... (didn't even know that was possible till it happened). Then slowly over the years, the girls deflated significantly. I was a DD for about 3 years, then a D for about 4 years. When I started running and became more athletic, they shrank even more. It was like my body was trying to eat all the fat it could find (including my boobies!). Over the last couple years, They have been about a small C/large B. The last time my girls were this size, I must have been in the 5th grade.

I had two consults. Both very different. The first doc was pretty rude and almost anti-social in personality (I could tell his bedside manner was probably awful). He seemed to want to make me look like what all his other patients wanted to look like, telling me he would have to perform a donut lift to get the right result. He said "well if you don't care about saggy breasts, then sure, you can just get the implants." I found his comments unnecessarily rude. Clearly from the pictures all over his office, his idea of aesthetics and my own were very conflicted (ladies, make sure you are on the same page with your doc... unfortunately, some of them only deal in clientele who want to look like porn stars, not real women). He finally told me he could do the implants without the lift when I spent a good10 minutes convincing him I was perfectly fine with the "natural" look of my breasts, I just wanted to fill them back out.

The second consult was a phone and picture consult (as I will be traveling for surgery) with my chosen doc. Love him! Great personality, great credentials, and super honest. He was upfront about my results and said as long as I wasn't expecting the girls to "ride high" like they did when I was 18, I would end up with beautiful, full, natural sexy breasts again. He didn't say anything rude or seem to want to project his own narrow idea of beauty onto my breasts. I truly feel he understands my wishes and has told me in no uncertain terms what I can expect as a result without either sugar coating, or sounding like an a** hole.

I do have some questions for anyone with experience... My doc suggests going above (over) the muscle because I have some minor ptosis (or pseudo-ptosis... not sure) and he thinks it will give me a better result. But he says ultimately the decision will be up to me since I'm really a borderline case. I'm wondering if anybody has had a similar before situation and if they went under or over, and what their results were in the short or long term. He also suggests smooth instead of textured (I don't know which I prefer), and we both agree that silicone is the right choice.

Anyway... I'll put up my before pics and try to keep updates as much as I can. if any one has comments or questions, let me know, I'm happy to be a part of the realself community!!


I am happy to hear you found a PS that you can trust and will listen to your goals. How far do you have to travel and will someone be accompanying you on your adventure? What have told your daughter so far? I'm assuming she is taking after her mom's earlier physique and that she might understand mom's desire to do some repair work?  :)  Glad you are getting some great community feedback on your under/over/size dilemma!

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            your welcome! 
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I had a similiar situation as well. I got under the muscle, silicone, and was on the border of needing a lift. I like the more dropped look with implants and it took me forever to find a doctor who agreed.
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Getting closer :)

I can't wait!!! I just finished filling out all the consent forms and paperwork... everything is going smoothly with my PS's office. I love the staff there.

I'm starting to wonder how different the size will be from what I'm expecting. I don't want anyone to notice I've had them done. I've been using my old bras and padding them like crazy so it won't be so much of a shock once I'm augmented, but I still wonder if it will be obvious. I guess we'll see... :)

Also, I just started dating a new guy (exciting!), and he has yet to really give the girls a squeeze. I'm hoping to keep him at bay until after the surgery because:

a) I don't really feel sexy the way they are now and I don't like that mortifying moment when I have to reveal my "real" breasts to a man (although I'm sure he would tell me I'm beautiful no matter what-- as they all do)

b) I'm not sure I want to tell him I'm having them done until they're done. Some guys think they hate augmented breasts (usually until they test drive a pair) and I don't even want to take the chance that he might ty to give his opinion on the matter (again, I don't think he's the type of guy who would try to tell a woman what to do with her body, but I'd rather not have to have the conversation this early in the game... since I just started seeing him).

I'm sure it will all work out perfectly. This has turned into such a cool learning experience for me!


I'm traveling from the Bay Area to Los Angeles. I'll be traveling alone, but I'm staying with a friend in LA and have lots of other friends there (I used to live in LA) who will be able to help me get around and keep my spirits up afterward. My daughter is very supportive. We've talked about the reasons that some different people might choose to have cosmetic surgery. She has seen my breasts evolve over time and agrees that mom deserves to have breasts that she's happy with. I'm so blessed. This community is great! I'm so glad we can all come together to help and take care of each other here. Thanks for the comment, Beth!

Glad to hear you have the support of friends in LA for your recovery. Sounds like you have a wonderful relationship with your daughter. (Congrads for that!) Keep us posted!

Thanks for the comment! So glad you found the right PS. Do you have any more updates or more recent pics? Are you happy with how they are progressing?

2 weeks left...

I'm surprisingly still not really nervous about the surgery since I've been so busy. I've been reading and researching a lot about subpectoral vs subglandular placement. My PS is well experienced with dual plane (as he teaches this technique to new plastic surgeons), but he suggested that I go subglandular in order to fill out the empty space better. Ultimately, he says the decision is up to me.

I really don't know which one I prefer. Some doctors say that a subglandular position may look better for the first couple years, but that soon after, you will end up with the ball in a sock look because the only thing supporting the darn implant is your skin. Other docs (including my own) say the submuscular placement doesn't actually provide any extra support, just extra coverage on the upper pole. In fact, my PS says the muscle pushes down on the implant and it may end up lower than a sublgandular implant anyway.

I've tried to research subglandular before and after pics for more idea of what the placement looks like long term, but haven't had much luck. My main concerns about the subglandular placement are:
1. An eventual ball in a sock look. Subglandulars push against the breast tissue and thin it out over time causing this terrible look.
2. A visible shadow in the upper pole -- I believe I have enough tissue to hide the edge of the implant, but I don't want a round (obvious) upper pole, I really want them to slope as naturally as possible.
3. Capsular Contracture -- I know there are ways to really minimize the risk during the surgical procedure, but still... :(

My reservations about submuscular are:
1. Longer, more painful recovery. I have to use my arms and lift things occasionally at my job and I only took two weeks off. I wouldn't want to damage my muscles, or cause bleeding because I went lifting more weight than I should have... and I'm certainly not telling my employer I have to take it easy because I just had my boobs done.
2. Snoopy deformity -- I trust my PS to create the correct pocket no matter which plane we choose, but I've seen some awful pictures of natural breast tissue "dripping" off an implant that was either placed too high, or didn't drop properly. Since I have some droop from having a child and breastfeeding, I know the implant must be placed carefully so it can integrate with my own breast tissue, but there's only so much a PS can do, the rest is up to our bodies.

Anyway, Like I said my PS says it's up to me, but he recommends subglandular. He says that he can do a dula plane, it will just give me a slightly different result.

Does anyone have long term experience or pics of a subglandular implants? Does anyone have long term experience with submuscular or dual plane placement in a preoperative "mom" breast?

Any info or experience is much appreciated :)


Hi! I'm a fellow mom who breast fed for about the same amount of time for both, as you, about 17 months and 26 months, however, mine are just 6 and 2.5. I'm just now recovering from having my BA a week ago. I feel like we have/had some very similar breast to start with, however, mind didn't ever get as big as your while breast feeding, I only got up to about what I am now, a 34 DD. It looks like your skin has tightened well as the tissue/fat has gone away. So that's good. Either way, I'm on the same page as you are with not doing a lift. I've never thought it would be something I would want to do and I'm glad I found a doctor who didn't think I needed one without him even knowing I didn't want one! I ended up getting under the muscle (what my PS typically does/suggests) and he choose the size that worked for me once I was in the OR, with a little guidance from me as to what size I wanted to be and some photos of the size I thought I wanted. I ended up with 495 cc high profile, didn't think that was something I would want, but he knows best and I didn't want to voice my opinion on what I might not like, since I trusted he would put in what would work and look best. Anyway, it sounds like you are really leaning towards the under muscle placement, which I was happy with my PS suggesting since it sounded like there was less chance of it looking like there would be an implant in there. Anyway, I'm only a week PO, as I said before and I've been doing really well at using my arms, reaching up in cabinets, etc. However, I'm still cautious to lift more than the 10 lb limit they say to stick with. I would at least try and ask some co workers for help if it all possible, give them some BS line about working out your arms to much and them being sore (of course that might not work for 2 weeks straight!) But maybe you would feel more comfortable telling one of them what is going on instead of your boss. Either way, I think 2 weeks off would be a great start to recovering well and hopefully you won't have any problems there. Hope to hear more from you as you get closer to your surgery date. Good luck with everything!
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Wow! your pics look great... even at just 30 hours post-op! Thanks so much for the comment. I think I'm definitely leaning toward unders, especially after seeing your photos. This was really helpful.
I'm glad it helped! I barely have any soreness right now, just my energy level that isn't quite there yet!

5 days pre-op

I'm still not very nervous about the surgery itself (surprisingly), but I continue to grow nervous about the size issue. I'm meeting with my PS on Monday to finalize the decisions about size, but I'm worried that in oder to fill out the pocket I have, we'll end up going too big!! I know the #1 complaint of women post-op is that they didn't go big enough, but I'm really not into looking "done" at all. I just want them to be fuller.

I'm sure there are women who wish they'd gone smaller too, and there are no absolute answers.... Has anyone had this same reservation? Were you/ are you happy with your size post-op? Is it obvious you've had an augmentation to the people whom you didn't tell?

Anyway, I'm still really excited!! Can't wait to meet with my PS on Monday :)


So far no one has noticed. I plan on seeing how it goes this weekend with my parents seeing me for the first time. Of course, I wore a 2 cup size fuller padded bra for the past 6 months or so to help with all that!
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Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

So far, he's great! Great staff too-- very helpful, very warm.

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