Left One Healed...Right One Still Hurts 8 Days out

I am 38 with 2 kids. I was 34A and I have wanted...

I am 38 with 2 kids. I was 34A and I have wanted bigger breasts for 15 yrs. I finally had enough money saved to get the job done. I did a ton of research before I selected my doctor.

I had breast augmentation 8 days ago and my left breast feels totally healed but my right one is a little more swollen and still pretty painful. It feels like there is pressure inside or something. I wonder if this is normal since I use my right arm all the time or if it is something I should contact my doctor about. Also, if it is blood or water trapped inside is it too late to drain it? What does that intail? My right one had slohing sounds and feelings a few days ago but now just feels kind of tight and hard. Im freaking out!
I had the same sound and my physician said that this was normal.
Well, I went in and he just looked at them and said they were totally fine and perfect and that I should not worry at all. The right one is still larger and still hurts. I go in again on Feb 19th so we will see what he says then.
From my experience you are lucky that one felt healed in 8 days. I wouldn't worry unless it continues into weeks and/or gets worse. Don't feel bad about questioning your doctor or expressing your concerns to him, if he is good he will want to stay on top of it with you and alleviate your concerns. Good luck
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