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Black Female W/TT - Santa Fe

I am 32 years old with an 11 year old child. My...

I am 32 years old with an 11 year old child. My fiance and I have no intentions, whatsoever, on having more children. (he has 3)

I've wanted a TT for the past 8 years. Im an active duty military member and really needed to remove the extra fat and skin from around my belly. After 3 months of extensive research, I have finally completed the process.

Dr. Ronel

Pictures will be posted in the next month...

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Congrats. I used dr Niel Chen in ABQ. although I heard good reviews for your doc as well. Are you glad you did it? I cant wait to see your pics. I have not put any after ones up yet. Soon, I promice. Let me know if you need anything
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Hey girl...if you had fluid in there it would be flowing!  Mine gave out very little days 5-9 but I had extreme swelling; or as I call it SWELL HELL!   I was so swollen that I looked like I had a tire around my middle.  Seriously I looked like I did when I was five months pregnant.  But it will go away...promise!

When do you see your doctor next?  I am sure it is fine but if you are concerned get in and have him check you out.  You will feel better then..
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I DO have one question.

I am 10 days PO and I still have my 2 drains in. My stomach is hard (swollen I presume) but Im only putting out about 20cc of drainage in a 24 hour period. Is this normal? I figured that as long as you're swollen, you should have a high output. Please advise.
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Have you posted pics yet? I am looking for a good Dr in ABQ area
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Can't wait to see your photos. Are you happy you did it? How was the recovery process for you?

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