Active FX - Lower Eyelid Damage

I had active fx on December 19,2009. I am scared...

I had active fx on December 19,2009. I am scared my skin is still red and blotchy so I fear hyperpigmentation.

But what scares me even more than that is I also had laser on my eye lids and now my bottom eyelids look scared or damaged. One eyelid looks like if you scratch yourself and the skin raises. (I did not scratch myself) and it is hard. it has not changed in a couple weeks. The other eye looks like the veins are bulging and at the end of the vein is a little round blue spot ( sorry it is hard to explain) I also have a lot of fatty deposits under my eyes now and look very scrapy and tired. the person who did my surgery told me that it is normal and that it is not the skin that it is the veins and it is swollen and would go away. She put me on Methylprednisolone tabs and Hydrocortisone cream 2.5%, I have also been putting Biafine cream on my face.

I am scared, I don't want this to be permanent.

I did the procedure to tighten and smoothe the skin. The procedure was not painful, I thought that this was a pretty risk free procedure from what the person said who did it. I am really scared now of permanent scaring.

Does anybody have advice? I also have a short video showing what is going on with my eyes if anybody would like to see, or If you can see me for an appointment that would also be great. Thank you very much for your help.
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not getting the post op care that i need.

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Dr. Kimberely Cockerham did laser on my face and the treatment scarred my eyes and damaged my skin. She currently is working in Dr. Garner's office in Santa Cruz on Thursdays and she has an office in Atherton also.
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Thank you for taking time to respond with the information!

I hope the damage has healed and is imperceivable by now. Did she, or another Doctor do any work to help correct the situation?
I am very sorry for your experience!
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Hi, noticed you were from Santa Cruz. Who performed the FX laser treatment? Are things looking better now? Thanks!
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Hello The doctor that I had the laser treatment which scarred my eyes and also damaged my skin her name is Dr. Kimberely Cockerham. She has caused me a lot of emotional and mental distress besides the scarring the way she has treated me is extremely unprofessional. I do not recommend her at all.
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I did both active fx and deep fx on my eyelids. They looked bad for a few weeks then really started improving. Sounds like you have a broken "vein" from the treatment. Ask about IPL for treating it. The skin goes through good and bad phases while healing and will really improve towards 2 months. I got great results with increasing collagen at 2 months. The collagen building corrects the eyelid roughness. Definitely seek an expert opinion and absolutely avoid sunlight on the skin.
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Hello Thank you for your response. It has been 1 month 3 weeks for me and I still have little bumps under my eyes and I still have the mark that looks like a raised scar and it is hard when you press on it. Im not sure what area you live in but do you know of a good doctor? What did you do or take to increase collagen? Thank you :) Jeanine
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The collage building was just from the skill of the person performing the laser treatment. The protocol we followed was (all topicals)1 Biafine burn cream for macrophage stimulation 2 mupiracin antibiotic infection prevention 3 elta md post laser balm looks like vaseline. All for at least 7 days. Then a good moisturizer. The raised scar sound unusual. I seek a top notch dermatologist or plastic surgeon in your area to take a look. Sooner than later. Your doc should be able to tell you if you are healing ok. The bumps under the eye sound normal but perhaps you didn't notice them before. The might be the tiny oil glands with hair follicles???? Good luck. I'm in San Diego, but not sure if my doc would be appropriate. LA has some of the best plastic/derms in the world.
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Hello Do you have any suggestions for a great plstic/derms in L.A. I will travel I have already been to 3 in San Fran and they dont know what is going on. It's been 3 months now and I still look really bad :( I really appreciate your responses :)
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I would see Dr E Victor Ross in San Diego at the Scripps Clinic in Carmel Valley, google it. Or Dr James Heinrich, md, facs, in Mission Viejo or Robert Weiss in Hunt Valley Maryland or Dr Dover, Chest Hill MA. I am really sorry about your problems. These guys understand the laser and how to use. Only go to the best. They can direct you further. Definitely worth a consult. These guys worked with the laser and developed the techniques. Your problems are from your dr and not the laser. I do medical research for a living so I can read through all the articles and decipher what's really fact.
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