Gap Still Visible After Invisalign; They Want to Charge Me Again to Fix It

I paid $4500 for my treatment and my case was very...

I paid $4500 for my treatment and my case was very simple: Just a small gap between my front teeth. They gave me about 30 pairs and now that my gap is still visible, they want to charge me again to send me another case. So be aware because if the treatment doesn't solve your problem, THEY DON'T CARE!!!!!


I was put on Invisalign Express, which only allows ten trays to get to the final position, plus one set of refinements that can be ordered at an extra expense. If you were given 30 trays, you must have been on Invisalign Full, which allows mid-course correction ad up to three refinements as part of the fee. I was put on Express because I was an "easy" case. Mine did not turn out well and I have done so much research on Invisalign after the fact. I have met with several orthodontists who looked at my before photos and said I should never have been given the Express treatment. I think the bottom line with Invisalign is that you must go to someone who really knows what they are doing with it. I am now getting quotes from other orthodontists and dentists with more experience with Invisalign to decide who to go to fix my Invisalign disaster. But they have all assured me that my current smile (which looks worse that before Invisalign Express) can be improved with appropriate Invisalign treatment. The scary thing with Invisalign is that dentists can take a few courses and offer it. The orthodontist I initially went to is only a preferred provider, which is almost the lowest certification you can get to hang out the Invisalign seal of approval. Go with a Premier or Elite Invisalign provider or find an ortho that many friends have told you is great. You won't end up in the same position I am in and that so many others are in. This has been a serious learning experience for me!
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I just want to point out that 30 pairs of Invisalign is not a simple case. I think it really depends on your dentist/orthodontist. I paid $4,700 for 10 uppers and 17 lowers, and this includes the permanent retainers at the end (this does not include any of my x-rays or my consultations, in that case it would be closer to $5,300). I am confident the end result will be exactly what I expect for no additional fees. I trust my ortho and he has an excellent reputation. I think you may be should have a talk with your ortho because $4,500 for 30 sets doesn't seem right...
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