Blepharoplasty - What Recovery is Really Like - Santa Barbara, CA

Upper and Lower Bleph done January 2011 by a board...

Upper and Lower Bleph done January 2011 by a board certified surgeon.

I was completely unaware of the time period for recovery after blepharoplasty. I expected 2 to 3 weeks, and it is more like 2 to 3 months. No pain after surgery but the swelling persisted for over 2 months - still some minor swelling as of today (11 weeks later). Assymetry (one eye bigger) weeks 3 - 8. Issues with dry eye, blurry vision and eye pain during weeks 4 - 9. Felt like something was in the eye. After appt with my ps I was unconvinced this was just "healing" - went to an opthamologist that diagnosed dry eye. Irritation from drops caused more problems. Now taking fish oil for dry eye and trying to avoid too much time on computer.

Scars healing nicely - almost gone except in a couple of places. There were times I seriously freaked out about eye irritation as well as the assymetry. Thought I had ruined my eyes. Pleased to say these issues have resolved themselves (so far!). Looking forward to the six month mark to see the final results. Anyone thinking about blepharoplasty needs to do their research on this surgery! There are serious risks that are glossed over by surgeons! This was an "ordeal" and not the quick easy recovery painted by doctors.


Your experience is similar to mine, i.e. 3 weeks post op, with asymmetry, I am very very worried, scared that I have ruined my face for a lifetime. The sensitivity of the eyes has made it impossible to wear contact lenses, and the eyes feel like I was just got pepper spray...they sting, all day every day. Watery, red, swollen, "sick" horrid! I am isolating myself socially because I look so bizarre and freakish, and the eyes just sting too much to smile and relax. The specs interfere with running, crossfit, boot camp and the other high intensity things that I love. Can't wear sunglasses, so even a walk outside is miserable. (hats only do so much) Also, natural asymmetry is ok, and FAR FAR DIFFERENT from post-surgical freakish asymmetry.
Why is this surgery even done, given the overwhelming negative experience I am seeing on this blog?
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I think it's easy for some doctors to forget that we, as patients, sit at home and fret about the little things. They maybe even take for granted that they know little details like when the final results will *really* appear. So it's always helpful to hear a "real" story. Thank you for posting this!

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@ a month I was unhappy and anxious. @ 3 months I am feeling better about the decision to have surgery but still waiting for final result to recommend my surgeon. Looking good as of today:)

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