I Had a Neck Lift, HORRIBLE - Satisfaction Zero

I had a neck lift done in Santa Ana, CA. They...

I had a neck lift done in Santa Ana, CA. They showed me pictures of satisfied customer and the wonderful details of how I am going to look afterwards. That was a lie.

It was a painful procedure that took about a month to heel. A year later it was worse then prior to the operation.

I called the clinic several time to tell them I was not satisfied and to get my pictures (before & after). They sent me the pictures finally after several phone calls. I was told I need a re-construction again, but I would have to pay for it my self. No Thank YOu, why should I pay for their mistakes and bad operation. They promised something and it was not true.

If you have a complaint or dis-satisfied they keep it short with you or your on hold for a long time, till you hang up. Not happy with the doctors or their customer service. They only want to make fast money and then your out of the door.

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Hi I am in santa ana too and am planning on going thru a lift with LSL, your story scared me, can I bother you with the doctors name? How long ago did you have this done?
If I were you I'd go to the location of their office and raise Hell infront of their future patients, and I'dd do it twice a week till they do something about it.
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I, too, am scheduled in June in Santa Ana. Did you hear back from this unsatisfied patient? I am also having second thoughts! Liz
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Sorry to hear about your procedure for a neck lift.

Do you know what exactly was done?

I went though a neck lift also but had a much different result.
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Have you tried filing a complaint with your state medical licensing board? Someone who found out the hard way..
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