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So i been looking on this website for a while now...

so i been looking on this website for a while now and been debating on this procedure for a while but after seeing so many reviews and results im so ready to do this :) my family is ofcourse not for it but its my body and my decision to move forward i am alil nervous about the procedure i know lipo is uncomfortable i have had alil on my arms but i cant imagine doing my abdomen back flanks and waist all at the same time omg just the thought of it someone plese tell me its not that bad lol also how do you know what CGs to get to train the waist and make it smaller i see alot of you gals doin that and have seen really good results from it :)) any input would greatly appreciate info


So ladies I took my measurements today smh
Breast 39 inches
Waist 31 inches
Hips 39
Yikes I really hope I have a good turn out with this surgery I have some love handles I want gone hopefully ill have a tiny waist some nice hips n nice booty lol

Getting nervous

So I ordered my garment hope it's a good one for this surgery I'm getting nervous and excited all kinda of mixed emotions omg I just want it to hurry up and get here already ;) &be 6 wks post op lol haha I wish and I hope my results turn out good I am hoping I have enough fat for 1000 cc in eAch cheek and 200 each hip for some curves I been trying to eat alot but I stay at 140 lol I can't gain weight in my gut it goes everywhere else lol

friday is my day

omg girls i am so scared im going nuts i cant believe its about to happen :0 so has anyone had a tummytuck then this procedure if so how did that go ??? all kinds of thoughts are running through my mind....


Orange County Plastic Surgeon

Dr Afifi is a really sweet down to earth person was very informative and asked about my kids and seemed very caring and warm hearted also very honest over the phone i will consult and pre op with her on june 14 th i cant wait:) team Afifi

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What happened
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So excited for you. Post before and after pics for us. :) left you a message in your inbox about garments so if you need any more info let me know
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Afifi is wonderful. I'm so excited you will become an AfifiDoll too. I love my results so much. I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to do this for me. I will definitely keep posting more post op pics I want others to learn from my journey. And take a look at my list of items I bought because the vitamins and herbs are soooo helpful, my recovery has been great because of them. If u have any questions let me know I'm quick to respond. Good luck on your journey.
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Thank you so much icey1 I really can't wait July 5 th can't come soon enough ya....
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