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My husband and I both tried this treatment on...

My husband and I both tried this treatment on different areas of our body. We are both in our 20s and we are healthy and active people. We had a couple special occasions coming up and both felt like we wanted to look our best, even though we were already workout all the time.

I wanted them to focus on my sagging arms and thighs. We both had to do 1 treatment per week for about 10 weeks and after all that time and money(and yes, we continued to workout consistently before, during, and after all of this)we saw ABSOLUTELY NO RESULTS.

We were told that collagen in our bodies will continue to regenerate weeks after our treatments were over, but 6months later we still saw NO RESULTS. My husband and I were both furious. Do not try make our mistake!

Richard Perry

Just don't do the Lipo EX treatment they offer

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Usually more stress and anxiety are experienced by women in these cases. Mainly, treatments such as RF tripollar, lower body lift, fat grafting are provided. The treatment type varies in each individual. My friend has had fat grafting in Fairview Cosmetic surgery at Toronto. In this treatment, some fats are removed and injected onto the other part. Anyway she feels very comfortable now.
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sorry to hear that. I have tried Lipo-ex here in Miami, FL and the results the technician gave me where GREAT! I think it has to do with the technique and the person actually doing the sessions on you. I noticed that when I tried another company that was offering it cheaper. the place is great too. My Body Contour Miami, FL
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Sorry to hear that. Good luck finding a treatment that works. Maybe exercise will work best.
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ohhh sad to know. All your time and money got wasted. i am not much in favor of these treatments, u can stay fit and healthy by gym and jog as well :)
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What was the name of the treatment that you got?
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Hi idk,

I often wonder if those treatments work. Glad to read your review. Please keep us updated if you try anything else for cellulite.

Thanks so much for the review,


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