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I purchased a Jenu from my laser treatment center...

I purchased a Jenu from my laser treatment center in late April. I am 41 years old, take great care of my skin, but have been unable to improve my dehydration under my eyes, fine lines or dark circles with fillers, lasers or high end creams.

Jenu has changed that! I saw an improvement in 3 weeks. The treatment process is very easy, fast and theraputic! The added bonus of hydrating and eliminating fine lines on your lips has been a pleasant surprise!

My husband asked me this am, "Have you done something to your lips, they are so juicy?!" He has never asked said one word about my regime in 20 years!

Thanks to the creators of Jenu!!
Hi Taylor, any updates? Are you still using it (do you have to use it forever?). Thanks. :)
The more you use it the better the results, but as we know it's not always possible to do every step of our beauty regime daily!

Oh wow, what a great compliment from your hubby! I'm glad to hear this worked so well for you.

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